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In 2003, Pink Freud came back with the album Sorry Music Polska , the title of which playfully criticised the dominance of major recording labels and the music they promoted at the time. Yet the music on the album did this even better. Sorry Music Polska is a result of cooperation between the new core of the band ( Mazolewski , Ziętek, Staruszkiewicz) and one of the most creative pianists, Sławomir Jaskułke , the skilful DJ Wojak and Paweł Nowicki (who was reassigned from drums to electronics). The surprising amalgam of sounds from the 60s and 70s, blending the freshest electronics with a solid portion of jungle / drum’n'bass, was a masterpiece that lifted Pink Freud to the position of the most promising electric-jazz band in Poland and gave them the opportunity to sign a contract with Universal Music Polska in 2007.

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Pink Freud - ZawijasyPink Freud - ZawijasyPink Freud - Zawijasy